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For some time now, the concept of cloud computing has been a reality for enterprise applications. Companies like Sales Force who started a trend in CRM software have been followed by other big names in enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle. GT web is a completely new product architecture designed and built on the cloud. It is Internet-based computing at its best. Practical advantages for the user include no infrastructure requirements, ease of access, no installation issues, and simple unobtrusive upgrades. GT web has used this opportunity to design a new breed of Tour Operator Product – one that is more intuitive, more user friendly, requires minimum training and support, is simple to use and offers easy access. These features coupled with the ability to integrate with Google and many other web based applications makes GT Web a truly powerful tool for the modern tour operator. GT web operates on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Minimum investment is required to start, and new users and modules can be added on demand.

GT Web is a web based tour operating system that uses state of the art technology to deliver powerful and user friendly functionality at an affordable price. Whilst the system is designed to run entirely on the web it is possible for us to create a private intranet if required. GT Web uses the benefits of cloud computing with a Postgre SQL database and utilises the power of Ruby on Rails and Flex by Adobe. Data from legacy systems such as TourPlan can be imported into the highly structured database. The system is most suitable for small and medium sized tour operators, destination management companies, travel agents and event organisers. The system can handle all types of bookings from the most basic to complex multi-destination itineraries and tailor-made travel (FITs).