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Own Server SolutionHosted Server Solution

The hosted server option works well for businesses with no IT department who do not want the headache of hardware maintenance, backups and date storage. It is also a good option for businesses with remote users and multiple offices, allowing a standard connection to the one server - from all offices and locations.

With a hosted server, users have the option of running GlobeTrack

  1. via front end files - where the system operates from your desktop and looks and acts as if it is installed on your own PC
  2. via a Remote Desktop Connection directly to the server - where you work directly off the server.

GlobeTrack offers hosting to all clients at very reasonable rates - or you can host remotely in your own preferred remote hosting environment.

Server based solution with no responsibility for hardware maintenance
No responsibility for data protection or backups - covered by hosting contract
Shared server - so cheaper than purchasing your own dedicated server and maintenance plan
Easy standard access - GlobeTrack responsible for uptime and standard connections

Shared server environment - so subject to updates that are applied to any installed system
Internet access - speed can depend on load on server and Internet performance