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Supplier & Destination Content ManagementSupplier & Destination Content Management

Good Content Management can do wonders for your productivity and ensure consistency of output to all clients irrespective of level of training in your staff. You decide how you want to present your product and destinations and what you want to tell your clients about them.

GlobeTrack allows you to drive your website, itinerary quotations and travel brochures using content and images from one centralized location. Content only needs to be entered once and is then selected for use in each relevant area, maximizing efficiency.

With GlobeTrack you can save different content and information for both quotations and confirmations – so you can keep your valuable information and recommendations for those clients that have confirmed bookings with you, while still producing a very professional and detailed quotation document.

There is really no limit to the level you can reach here – content can be posted to your web site, it can be styled for proposal as a CSS web page – and one GlobeTrack client has even worked with a local printing firm  -sending the confirmed itinerary as an API  - to produce a leather bound booklet of the holiday itinerary. View link. http://www.jdbhotels.com/deluxe/