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State of the Art Client DocumentsState of the Art Client Documents

Fast, professional quality proposals and itineraries – with lots of ability to tweak at itinerary level.

The GlobeTrack output does not look system generated! Rather it is a professional document of exceptional quality. We can offer our standard styles or work with your own preferred design and layout. We encourage the use of high quality images about your services and also about the destinations. So much of the work that goes into tailored itineraries can be automated – and this also gives you control over the quality of everyone work.

In additional to the standard text and images that are stored in the database, with GlobeTrack you have the versatility of adding additional content once the itinerary is built – for example add a cover image, add a title to the document, add a title to each page to describe the events of the day, or add a personal introduction. Additional notes can also go against each service, for quotations, vouchers, for your supplier requests / confirmations.