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Flexible Pricing ModuleFlexible Pricing Module

Pricing is never static and now more than ever we are seeing multiple ways of pricing itineraries -  Tour Operator Contracts, discounts (stay 6 pay for 5 etc), spot pricing, commissions and adjustments…GlobeTrack manages this area expertly.

Prices can be entered into the supplier database – with a fixed mark-up applied.  Or services can be loaded without pricing – allowing you to enter the price you want at the quote build stage. Prices can be entered as a discount rule – so system calculated the correct rate. Multiple rate types and rate plans can be loaded. All itineraries can be adjusted at time of quote – either by adjusting each service cost and sell – or by applying an overall adjustment to the itinerary value.

Agent pricing and agent group pricing with commission structures is also available, as is pricing in multiple currencies.

We have recently added a new deposit management screen – to allow you to determine your deposit requirement per itinerary based on supplier deposit demands.