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Client News - GlobeTrack WEB

6 More Tour Operators have opted for the new GlobeTrack Web System

So far this year, 6 Tour Operators have signed and are using GT Web. SMS (Malta), WOGAC (Greenland), Go Tour Turkey (Turkey), GRS Tours (South Africa), Edusport (South Africa) and Great British Trips (UK) have all opted for the web system - newer technology, easy access, easy to use intuitive interfaces are some of the reasons cited for this move to the cloud system

Furthermore, many existing clients are anxious  to migrate to the new web system - having seen the speed of the web platform, the possibilites with images and documents, and simplicity of web publishing and booking - its an easy and exciting move. 

New Feature - CRM
Feature Update - Customisable fields added to the GlobeTrack database

CRM is becoming increasingly important for our customers – and different customers want to track different things. Hence we have added custom client field to our client database. Now our clients have the ability to create whatever field labels they need and allow web enquiry forms to map to these.

New Feature - Spot Pricing – Itinerary based pricing
Feature Update - Itinerary based pricing enhanced to allow spot pricing in any currency

With the increasing need to check last minute rates from suppliers and the trend to load less contract pricing – GlobeTrack has made this process much easier. Now, services can be added and used without having to load ANY contracts, and pricing can be entered at itinerary level in your own currency or supplier currency. The system exchange rate can be used or you can change the exchange rate for any particular entry at itinerary level

New Feature – Supplier Business Models
Feature Update - V4 supports all purchasing models including supplier commission invoicing, or part client & Part supplier commission invoicing

Whether you work on a normal Tour Operator model of receipting all funds from the client and making payments to suppliers, OR if you invoice your supplier for commission, the introduction of the GlobeTrack Supplier Business Models manages it all. There are 3 possibilities: all 3 are covered by GlobeTrack.

  1. Normal cost with mark-up – all monies collected from client / agent and suppliers paid by you the Tour Operator
  2. Client / Agent pays you a deposit / profit and the balance is settled locally by client with supplier
  3. Client pays supplier locally and you invoice the supplier for your commission

Business Models can be mixed within an itinerary

New Feature - Document Enhancement with free text and images
Feature Update - No with V4 - you can add any number of images and any amount of free text for your document at itinerary level for inclusion in your client documents

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce fantastic looking itineraries – beautifully formatted with stunning presentation - at the touch of a button. Now we have enhanced this by allowing you at itinerary level to add additional images and text – eg for the cover page, or each day title. The design of this functionality gives enormous flexibility to you the client and allows you to produce even the most complex itineraries in an easy and flexible manner – but very quickly.

New Product release - GlobeTrack Version 4
New Product Release - GlobeTrack launches V4 - the most comprehensive and sophisticated Tour Operating solution for medium to large Tour Operators

V4 brings a range of new features including spot pricing in supplier currency, discount rules, document output as CSS web pages, supplier deposit management for commission based suppliers, rate plans, customisable data fields and lots more. View our features page for some of the features of contact us to arrange an online demo.

New Product release - GT Web
New Product Release - GlobeTrack launches GT Web - complete tour operating system - fully browser based. Simply log onto a URL and go

At GlobeTrack we are extremely excited about the launch of our state of the art web based Tour Operating Solution. No installation, minimal training, simple interfaces, the reaction from the market is great. With 5 clients about sign up to start on the system, GT web is definitely the product of the future. Servers and upgrades and installations are a thing of the past. To read more about the GT web, visit

Client News - Reed and Mackay
New Client - GlobeTrack partners with Reed and Mackay

Reed and Mackay in London implements GlobeTrack for their tailor made Leisure Department.

Client News - Europe Incoming
Europe Incoming launches a new online agent business with the GlobeTrack Agent Portal

FIT has opened for business. Integrated with Travco hotels and combining contracted supplier services for transport and tours from the GlobeTrack database, FIT bookings is operating as an online business for agents - with online payments and confirmations. Each agent can run his own quotation/confirmation documents. Documents can be branded with the agent logo if necessary.