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“GlobeTrack has been instrumental in the growing of our business over the last four years and I can safely say that we would not be as successful today without it. It is an excellent system for a small to medium sized bespoke tour operator that requires and uses customization features. It has certainly given us a competitive advantage over our rivals. GlobeTrack are constantly improving and updating the system and the support team are  always available and competent. I would highly recommend Globe Track as a vendor”
Shane Leahy, Ireland Chauffeur Travel, Ireland

"Hi Heidi,

Just wanted to write to thank you. I just got back from vacation and did my first solo Batch Payment. It saved me like an hour in work. Thanks soooo much for showing me that. I’m ready now to sort through the mess I have in my PI’s. I’ll write to Karen and ask her to walk me through the PI’s and sort out the problems there from years past before this new season hits me in Sept.

I’m sending a copy of this letter to Freda so she will be aware of how fantastic you are in the teaching dept.. Thanks again for all your very detailed instructions and screen shots. It is a HUGE help! Cheers,Yolonda.
Yolonda, Amigo Trails, Mexico

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GlobeTrack as a reservation system. As a high end and specialist operator we need to be able to offer excellent documentation to our clients and our prospective clients and with the extensive customisation GlobeTrack offer we were able to get exactly what we wanted. The system is flexible enough for our sometimes complex itineraries too. We have always been very pleased and impressed by the excellent back up and support they offer and we always feel that nothing is too much trouble. We have never had any problem with accessing the system in the 3 years that we have used that that has not been very quickly rectified. We were able to get up and running very quickly and easily and found the training process simple and straightforward."
Sam Clark, Experience Travel, United Kingdom

"Before GlobeTrack, we had 3 sales staff in the office, and using a combination of Outlook, Word templates and excel sheets, we were able, with the 3 staff, to send out 7 – 10 quotations per day. Since we have installed GlobeTrack, with 1 full time sales person and one half day sales person, we produce 25 quotes per day, using the system. Furthermore, we have also increased the closing ratio, from 4.9% of quotes, to 10,7% of quotes. It is true that we have better prices than last season, but because we are able to get back to the clients so much faster, and we are also able to make changes and adapt the itineraries to clients wishes so much more efficiently, and are therefore able to push to close the deals so much more quickly than before” 
Panos Chalvantzis, Travelive, Greece