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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of IT infrastructure do I need to run GlobeTrack?
There are many options available – please visit our SOLUTIONS Page for full details

Can I run GlobeTrack on a Mac?
GlobeTrack runs on MS Sequel database and as such is a Microsoft Windows / PC environment product. However as with other windows applications it can operate on a Mac by using a software such as Parallels ( to create a windows environment. You can also access GlobeTrack via a Remote Desktop Connection from your Mac.

Do I own the system or simply licence to use it?
We offer 2 options here – GlobeTrack can be used as SAAS (software as a service) type solution – where you pay monthly for your licence or you can choose to purchase and own the product, in which case you pay an annual support fee.

Does GlobeTrack integrate with my web site?
Yes – you can use some of our “off the shelf” web modules or you can work with our API to design the look and feel of your web application.
For off the shelf solutions – packages and promotions built in GlobeTrack can be published to your web site in an iframe. The look and feel of the iframe with be our design but will sit in your website as part of your own web solution.
Working with our API allows more flexibility and you can build the application interface into your own web page.

Does GlobeTrack offer a Tour Series booking module?
Yes, our packages module is a typical Tour Series module, with fixed departure dates and a minimum number of pax per tour. Countdown is available on bookings from either your web site or via your office staff. See Features page for more details.

Does GlobeTrack have a security Module?
Yes, users are grouped, and each group can have its own privileges in the system – allowing access to specific or all areas. For example Senior Management may have different access privileges than Sales Consultants.

Does GlobeTrack offer Management Reports
Yes, GlobeTrack has an MIS report suite with over 60 standard Management and operational reports. Custom reports are available upon request and significant reporting is also available via the listing screens with data filtering, grouping and export features.

If I require customised documents for my business can GlobeTrack provide them for me?
Yes. We frequently customise documents for customers. Each document is assessed and a quotation is provided and if this is acceptable the timeframe for the delivery of the document will be agreed.

Can the system accommodate multiple currencies?
Yes. The system is multi currency throughout.

Can I create a special rate for a hotel (or any other service) and make this available to agents in a specific region or country?
Yes. The system allows for the creation of Agent Groups. Once you have created an Agent Group you can allocate specific rates to that group.

How many users can be set up to use GT? Is there a limit?
GlobeTrack operates on a named user basis as itineraries and reports and audit trails are linked to the person who logs into the system. There is no limit (that we have currently reached) to the number of users that can be added. Users can be local or remote as GlobeTrack can operate over an internet connection.

Will GT work with a GDS? Can it be integrated?
Yes we currently support PNR import for all GDS providers in UK and Ireland. We also have an Air file import for Amadeus for all locations globally. This allows you to make your GDS booking and import the details of the segments with pricing into to the GlobeTrack itinerary – to merge with other services like accommodation transport and activities. All PNR import details can be made available on your client output documents.