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Sell Online with a Fully Integrated Reservation System

With an integrated Reservation System

Sell Online with a Fully Integrated Reservation System

Into your Tour Software System

The time your staff spends on administration is lost selling time. Less effort in searching,cutting, pasting and more time for closing sales.....
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Online sales and research for travel continues to grow. Read how you can use your Globetrack software system to capitalise on web marketing.....
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With the Globetrack system, all your web enquiry forms can automatically populate the Globetrack client database.....
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Sell Online with a Fully Integrated Reservation System

ELIMINATE FINANCIAL ERRORS With a Smart Tour Software Solution

Sell Online with a Fully Integrated Reservation System

With Social Media Tools

Sell Online with a Fully Integrated Reservation System

For your Travel Trade Partners

Get better control by visibility on all staff output and access to accurate and up to date information.
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It's all about driving sales these days. And things have changed. GlobeTrack are about to launch Rianu, a fantastic new tool.
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Eliminate time zone delays, reduce costs and empower your trade partners.
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GlobeTrack is a specialist in Tour Operator Software and we are continually working to find better solutions for our clients. From simple reports that assist in decision making to complex functionality that will make working life easier.

Over the past 2 years we have been redefining our Tour Operator Software solution – and have created GT web – a fully browser based system. GT web is a serviced solution that requires no infrastructure, and can be accessed from anywhere. We allow you busy Tour Operators to remain on the move, without restricting your ability to access key information and allowing you to continue to work. For office based users, the advantages are just as compelling – no noisy servers, no maintenance and a FAST working platform with an easy to use intuitive interface. GT web is truly the correct option in Tour Operator Software – whether you are a start-up or established business, it can meet your needs. The search for the right Tour Operator Software solution has become complex but it is our job to keep the solution simple. When you opt for GT Web – you can be sure that it will be an easy to implement, flexible solution with a dedicated team to support you.


One of the challenges in finding the right Software for Tour Operators is in getting the balance right between a low cost and low impact solution for start –ups and yet finding a solution that will meet your needs as your business grows and your business model evolves. GT web is a fantastic option for a start-up – it has a low entry cost, no infrastructure requirement and its easy and intuitive to use. As you add users, GT web will work with you, allowing you to add and drop users during busy / low season, offering new ways of working your business as it evolves. GT web manages tailor made tours and package tours, and being web based – it is the perfect ecommerce solution for both B2C and B2B models. It is the choice of Software for Tour Operators that want to grow rapidly, enjoying better profits as it eliminates the need for expensive administration costs.

Another problem that arises in finding the correct Software for Tour Operators is the continually changing business environment. For example - Rate management varies from supplier to supplier from contract rates to spot rates, to XML feeds. This continually evolving business environment means that current Software for Tour Operators must be extremely flexible – and this is one of the major benefits of a web based system. Adapting a web system going forward to new trends and needs is a much easier task than if working on older legacy technologies. One update is deployed across a platform of multiple companies in minutes – which means that we as the specialist supplier of software for Tour Operators can be more responsive to changing needs.


For some time now the concept of Cloud Computing has been a reality for enterprise solutions and Cloud applications make as much sense for small and medium sized businesses. In fact, it makes no sense for a start-up business or a business opting for a software solution for the first time to invest in anything other than a cloud solution like an Online Tour Operator Software Application.

By working with an Online Tour Operator Software solution, the business can focus on its core business – selling and generating tours – not managing hardware and networks. With more and more business being conducted online with clients and agents – it is logical that your solution should be an online solution – as this is how you will be communicating with your clients. Your Tour Operator web site and your Online Tour Operator Solution become seamless, operating on the same technology and offering fast connections for information and bookings. Back office content is web content and online booking are at one with offline bookings.


Try out our new web based solution for free!
Choosing the right software is an important and major decision for any business, large or small. To reduce the risk of incorrect choice, and to put your mind at ease, GlobeTrack allows you to try out a GTWeb demo version. GTWeb is a new state of the art tour operator system, built entirely on a web platform. It is fast, flexible and easy to use. Logon and try it out - build suppliers, load prices and content, run your documents. Create packages and tailor made itineraries, issue invoices and vouchers. Check your profitability. If this is your first move to an automated solution, GT Web is an ideal way to start. Our pricing strategy works across small and large organisations. Most importantly this web based intuitive product has allowed us to ELIMINATE ALL START UP COSTS associated with installation and training.  GT Web makes business easier. Simply logon and go.

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GlobeTrack V4 – One Month Trial Access
There are so many new and exciting features in the latest release from GlobeTrack. Check them out on our demo page and by applying for access to our demo system using the Free Trial form. V4 is a comprehensive solution for organisations with complex business requirements and in many cases multiple and hybrid business models. V4 can be hosted externally or installed locally.